About Us

ClassesUSA.com is a leading online higher-education portal. Each month, more than 2 million adults visit the site, which boasts more than 300 accredited college and university partners.

Since entering the online higher education marketplace in 2001, ClassesUSA has fostered strategic content partnerships with sites such as AOL, MSN, and others, and has built a reputation as the most trusted and recognized brand providing professional adults with access to online educational opportunities.

For prospective students, ClassesUSA provides extensive content on topics, including:

Free, easy-to-use information request forms let students receive information quickly and efficiently from more than 300 schools and 1600+ accredited degree and certification programs.

For colleges and universities, ClassesUSA provides targeted and economical resources for reaching its intended market. Our partnerships with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and dozens of other Web properties make us #1 at providing schools with prospects on a cost-per-lead basis.